Pearls Jewelry Care Guide

Natural Pearls are treasures of timeless elegance, and their care requires special attention to maintain their beauty. Here are key practices to adhere to when caring for your pearls:

  • Avoid Contact with Chemicals
    Pearls are sensitive to chemicals in cleaning products, lotions, hairspray, and perfumes. Keep them away from these substances to protect their delicate surface.

  • Protect from Extreme Temperatures
    Store pearls in a moderate environment, avoiding exposure to extreme heat or cold. This preserves their luster and prevents potential cracking.

  • Skip Pearls During Sweaty Activities
    Pearls can be affected by acidity present in sweat. To maintain their integrity, remove them before engaging in activities that cause perspiration.

  • Steer Clear of Chlorine and Saltwater
    Exposure to chlorine in pools and saltwater can harm pearls' appearance. Avoid wearing pearls in such environments to retain their natural shine.

  • Store Separately to Prevent Scratches
    Store pearls separately to prevent scratching, especially when coexisting with jewelry featuring harder gemstones.

By following these guidelines, you'll ensure your pearls maintain their elegance, radiating a timeless shine as the years go by.

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