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Presiada Jewelry - Einav, founder and designer of Presiada Jewelry, drawing inspiration from her Moroccan heritage and love for storytelling.

Presiada is a jewelry brand that embodies the rich cultural heritage of Morocco and the designer Einav's personal family history. It is a brand that combines orientalist design with a modern twist, resulting in elegant and special pieces that tell a story. The brand's name is inspired by the designer great-grandmother, Presiada, who is a symbol of the family's Moroccan roots.

Einav believes that her family's history and stories are worth preserving and passing on to future generations, and this sentiment is reflected in her work.

Einav's journey began in 2015 when she enrolled in a goldsmithing course, which sparked her love for jewelry design. She went on to study a bachelor's degree in jewelry design at the Shankar College of Design and Engineering, located in Tel Aviv, and graduated in 2020.

Through years of experimentation and dedication, Einav has developed a uniform design language that defines Presiada.

The jewelry pieces themselves are designed with a love for details that add to their uniqueness and meaningful charm. Each piece is a combination of traditional Moroccan design and modern aesthetics, resulting in a beautiful and timeless work of art.

Einav's emphasis on small details makes the pieces even more special, and they are sure to bring joy to anyone who wears them.

Presiada is more than just a jewelry brand. It is a reflection of the designer personal history and cultural heritage, as well as a celebration of the beauty of traditional Moroccan design. The brand's dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures that each piece is truly special and timeless.